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Intro! [May. 10th, 2006|05:40 pm]
The Singles Ward
Hi everyone! I just joined so I thought I would say a little something.
My name is Danielle, I am almost 21 years old and I am a convert. I will be finally being baptised on July 9th after a long journey with the church.
Dating out my way is seriously dead! Slim pickin's for guys!
I have found www.ldslinkup.com though that seems to be helpful!

[User Picture]From: waya3k
2006-05-10 09:50 pm (UTC)
I am on LDSLinkUp as well. Look for my user name of Waya. That's Cherokee for wolf.
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From: ct_doula
2006-05-10 10:00 pm (UTC)
Mine on there is "Danielle The Great"
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[User Picture]From: j0idvivr
2006-05-11 12:15 am (UTC)
Congratulations on your pending baptism!!! It's an amazing road that you're about to embark upon.
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From: starflight78
2006-05-11 01:34 am (UTC)
Hello New Member of the BOM_Scripture Community,

I would like to welcome you to the community and would like to invite you to share your thoughts whenever the spirit invites you to do so. I created this community so that it can help me understand the Book of Mormon as well as others can benefit it.

In order to get the full use out of this community, please be sure to mark friend for this community so that it may appear on your friend’s page. Sometimes people tend to forget that they joined in this community and isn’t aware how much is being missed. I try my very best to update this site daily, so that we may get through the Book of Mormon to the year of 2009.

Once again, thank you for joining, and hope to hear your comments.

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